Can online poker shuffle cards?

Online casinos like need to ensure that they deal cards fairly. One way of guaranteeing this is through random number generators. The RNG software helps them eliminate any bias or any rigging chances.

The Randomness of Online Poker

Licenced and regulated casinos use the best RNGs in the market. However, some online casinos don't use RNGs. Players must look for reliable casinos that guarantee fair play. Besides, these licensed casinos can also:

  1. Have better bonuses
  2. Provide the best banking methods

RNGs use a virtual deck to deal cards to players. It doesn't change due to factors like the bankroll of the player or the number of chips dealt. RNGs don't stop running because the algorithm uses mathematical formulas.

How to Win in Poker

In both online and live poker, players can only win by the luck of the draw. Since RNGs don't stop, it's hard to predict the winning hand. It's also impossible to hack because there is no pattern.

Learning and understanding the rules of poker is another way for a player to win. When starting, one should know their options. A player needs to know when to continue playing and when to fold.

Rigging in Online Poker

Some players might have come across someone claiming that they were in a fraudulent casino. However, all licensed casinos don't do whatever they want. The licencing and regulating bodies get to oversee their operations.

Rigging in online poker is close to impossible. The casino can only control the betting amount. The RNG works as per the rules set by the governing bodies. It ensures that every player wins fairly.

Online Poker Shuffling Integrity

The only purpose of the RNG is to shuffle the virtual decks. It never has control over who wins or loses. It leaves everything up to the players. If a player isn't sure, they can check out:

  • Independent gaming laboratories
  • Review the randomization history

Players can as well perform their own analysis. They can review the hands they have had to determine whether there is a pattern. Since the software isn't like a person, one will always find that everything is random.

Playing Online Poker

Players should proceed to play and enjoy online poker in licenced casinos. These casinos have clear rules for all players. They offer different poker games for all players. Understanding these concepts can help the player know the best hands.

New players should consider trying a game like Texas Hold'em Poker. Likewise, it's easy to learn and have fun. More so, new players get to learn about different table limits, identifying a good hand and knowing when to fold.

Last modified: 21 July 2021